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We make it possible for your medical provider, behavioral health provider and you to work together as a team.


We saw 371 unique patients in the behavioral health program in 2022.


Your integrated behavioral health provider can meet with you at the time of your medical visit and at other separately scheduled appointment times to provide brief, solution-focused counseling or referrals. Behavioral Health services are confidential, evidenced-based and supportive of your goals related to healthy living.

Integrated Behavioral Health is a coordination of care between our primary care providers and the behavioral health providers.

The behavioral health providers work hand-in-hand with your primary care provider to help change behaviors such as eating habits, drinking, or exercising that —  either immediately or over time — impact your wellbeing.

One of the simplest ways to determine if you have symptoms of depression, anxiety or issues with alcohol is by taking a free, confidential behavioral health screening test. You can take the following confidential screening tests online any time:

Our providers include:

  • Rachel Sherman, Psy. D. – Clinical Psychology


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“They worked our family in right away even though we had never been there before. We received great care quickly.”

Felicia Harper Cook

“Can you imagine Pendleton County without this amazing clinic? We love everything about this awesome clinic and their amazing staff!”

Lisa Anderson

“I am eternally grateful for the fantastic pharmacists and staff at the Pillbox Pharmacy. The attention to detail and care for patient safety and knowledge is exceptional.”

Jess Felici

“Pendleton Community Care employs good and caring people that are dedicated to helping others.”

Jan Underwood

“Pendleton Community Care treated our whole family with tender love and care! It is great to get such wonderful care in this rural county.”

Rosey Santerre
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