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Pill Box Pharmacy in

Franklin, WV

  • Address
    203 North Main Street
    Franklin, WV 26807

  • Hours
    Mon-Fri 9AM – 7PM
    Sat 9:00AM – 2:00PM
    Sun CLOSED

  • Pharmacists
    Traci Hiett
    Jessica Bowers

Pill Box Pharmacy in

Harman, WV

  • Address
    15 Mott Street
    Harman, WV 26270

  • Hours
    Mon-Wed 9AM – 6PM
    Thur 9AM-8PM
    Fri 9AM – 6PM
    Sat CLOSED
  • Pharmacists
    Lauren Jones



Pill Box Pharmacy has a staff of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians that are working hard to bring effective and affordable medications to our patients as well as to the community. There is nothing more important to us than your family’s well-being.

If you qualify for sliding scale (even with insurance) through the health centers, you could receive assistance in paying for your medications through Pill Box Pharmacies.  Please ask your pharmacy staff if this could help you or click here to download the sliding scale application.

If you haven’t used Pill Box in the last year, please CLICK HERE.

If you have used Pill Box in the last year, please CLICK HERE.

Pill Box Pharmacy in Franklin is proud to offer all pharmacy patients the ability to refill their prescriptions online. Using your current prescription bottles, you are able to directly submit a refill request. You can also sign up for an email or text message to know when your prescriptions are ready. No more waiting in line or calling the pharmacy to see if your prescriptions are ready.

  • Franklin Pill Box please call: 304-358-2887

  • Harman Pill Box patients, please call your pharmacy for refill requests at 304-227-3661

For answers to pharmacy related questions, please use the contact numbers above to contact your pharmacy directly.

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