Pendleton Community Care has medical service providers in Franklin, Riverton and Harman, West Virginia.

Franklin, WV

Pendleton Community Care
82 Pine Street
Franklin, WV 26807
(304) 358-2355

Riverton, WV

North Fork Care
16921 Mountaineer Drive
Riverton, WV 26814
(304) 567-2101

Harman, WV

Harman Health Care
15 Mott Street
Harman, WV 26270
(304) 227-4134


203 North Main Street
Franklin, WV 26807

15 Mott Street
Harman, WV 26270

School-Based Health Centers

Brandywine Elementary
Franklin Elementary
North Fork Elementary
Pendleton Co. Middle/High

Home Visits

Our home visit team is here for you when you are unable to come to one of the health centers.


We offer x-rays, mammograms and DEXA scans!

Through our radiology department in Franklin, WV, we provide diagnostic x-rays for anything from head to toe.